CAST 2016/17



Its Going Be Epic!

CAST Film Festival is as follows:

All Films Must be

Mental Health Related

Your Film Can:

  • Highlight resources in the local area
  • Use  documentary, be fictional or a visually creative film
  • Be the development of an art project


  • Must not exceed 5 minutes including title & credits (MP4 Format only, all other formats will not be accepted)
  • Must include material relevant to the category
  • Must be accompanied by a 30 second trailer promoting highlights of your work (MP4 Format only, all other formats will not be accepted)
  • Each team will be required to develop an A3 Poster which advertises their teams film and concept (Be Creative). This poster should not be developed until late January 2015. Details will be sent to schools and community groups providing guidance on what the sponsoring organisation is looking for.
  • Your film must show evidence of collaboration with a local or national mental health organisation.
  • Participating organisations MUST hold a local screening. This could be done in your school, youth organisation, local library or local cinema. Your team should invite family, Friends, teachers, youth workers, any supporting agencies your team have worked with, local TDs, Councillors, local papers and radio stations.
  • Post pictures and updates of events and developments on your groups film. There will be a prize for the team were there is an wide us of social media to promote your message.
  • Credits must include:
    • List of cast/director/film crew(camera/sound/editor)
    • Permission should be sought for use of music and/or locations if applicable
    • Please note: there will be a special award this year for one schools or organisations which who produce their own sound track for their film.
    • Sample consent forms are provided for use by individual organisations if applicable

The Process:

  • Apply online by completing our registration form.
  • Avail of our online resources
  • Link with mental health organisations in your area or nationally.
  • Produce a 5 minute film, 30 second trailer and A3 poster. As outlined above.
  • MORE DETAIL will be emailed to Coordinator following registration. Please allow 5 days for applications to be processed.
  • Tweet us or include us in your tweets @CastFF
  • Use our Hashtag #CastFF17 when tweeting about your film or tweeting about the festival.
  • Selected films will be awarded the opportunity to move forward to the National Showcase in Dublin in early 2015. Date and details of the National Showcase will be forwarded to the lead person through email.



Review of CAST Film Festival 2013

Minister for Children and Youth Affairs, Frances Fitzgerald opened the second annual CAST Film Festival on 21st November when students from Collinstown Park Community College, Clondalkin delivered an evening which combines glamour, glitz and the hard hitting topic of mental health.

The event showcased 15 short films, which have been shortlisted from the 40 entered by budding filmmakers from across the country and is the result of a Young Social Innovators (YSI) project called First Aid for the Mind. The Collinstown students challenged all organisations, from secondary schools to senior citizens groups to make a five minute film which explores the social issue of mental health through a positive lens.
The theme “Break the Mould” refers to looking at mental health in a unique way, which is exactly what these films do by examining possible triggers and identifying realistic and viable solutions, all in an engaging and original format.

 Noel Kelly is a teacher at Collinstown and also the YSI guide. “It’s just been a mind-blowing experience for me and the kids, seeing what groups have come up with, the ways they’ve explored the issues, we’ve gotten animated films, documentaries, fictional stories and films documenting the development of art projects, it’s just so uplifting. This is a completely unique event.’

The event took place in the Green Isle Hotel where the panel of judges, which includes former RTE Producer Director Paul Cusack. This year there is a special award, introduced by the parents of Donal Walsh, the Kerry teenager who tragically died from cancer in May 2013. Donal wrote about his struggle against cancer and how important it is to live life to the full. His father will announce the winner of the Donal Walsh #LiveLife Award.

 Co-Founder and Chief Executive of Young Social Innovators, Rachel Collier believes, “We often underestimate the potential of young people. This youth driven film festival shows us what can happen when we tap into their vision and energy”. The Film Festival is supported by the Young Social Innovators’ Den, which awards money, means and mentoring from its Social Innovation Fund. Last year these funds were raised by the Vodafone Ireland Foundation, which is the official partner of Young Social Innovators. The festival is also supported by a large number of agencies involved in the area of mental health prevention and awareness.

 Speaking about the CAST Film Festival Natalie Hodgess of the Vodafone Ireland Foundation says, “We are proud to support the CAST Film Festival through our partnership with YSI and our employee mentor, Lai Arogundade. CAST is a fantastic example of young people finding creative ways to tackle very real issues in Ireland. This festival is making great strides towards encouraging people to talk and therefore breaking down the stigma surrounding mental health in Ireland. Well done to all involved.”

 The 2013 CAST Film Festival award for Significant Impact was presented to Cross and Passion college for their film Reach Out.

Minister hails “Extraordinary” Clondalkin film festival to promote mental health

Local T.D. Frances Fitzgerald, Minister for Children & Youth Affairs, said she was “proud and privileged” to launch the “extraordinary” second annual youth-led CAST Film Festival on Mental Health in the Green Isle hotel, Clondalkin this week.

Speaking after the event, the Minister said: “tonight’s ceremony showcased 15 short films – shortlisted from 40 entrants – made by students from across Ireland highlighting issues around mental health.

“Organised by teachers and students from Collinstown Park Community College, Clondalkin, the glitzy awards ceremony was attended by hundreds of students, with prizes being presented by luminaries such as Rachel Collier (CEO, Young Social Innovators), Orla Barry (CEO, Mental Health Ireland), Natalie Hodges (Director, SOS Ireland), Fair City stars Jim Bartley, Tony Tormey and Clelia Murphy, Love/Hate star Aaron Heffernan and Irish director Paul Cusack, as well as executives from the Vodafone Ireland Foundation.

“In my work as Minister, I am acutely aware that the best and most effective policies to improve the lives of young people are those in which policymakers have actively listened to young people, and taken their opinions and feedback on board. And extraordinary events such as this one demonstrate just how much our young people have to say, and how much they have to contribute.

“A special award was presented by Fionnbar Walsh, the father of Donal Walsh, the extraordinary young man who passed away in May of this year. Donal wrote eloquently and passionately about his struggle against cancer and how important it is to live life to the full. The name of the award presented in his honour, says it all: it is called the LiveLife Award. Tonight’s awards celebrate life, and the importance of good mental health to the busy lives we lead in Ireland today.

“I wish to extend particular congratulations to Noel Kelly, the Collinstown teacher whose energy and enthusiasm made tonight happen, and Collinstown’s principal Pauline Duffy, who supported Noel’s efforts whole-heartedly.

“Above all, I wish to thank the young people for their amazing effort, creativity and ingenuity. You are changing the way we think about mental health,” the Minister concluded.